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The Myth of the “Sole Source Provider”

Some of our competitors like to claim they are the sole source provider but the real story is much different. You have to go way back to the Mack Bulldogs to find a manufacturer that produced their own drive line components.

All manufactures now use off the shelf components. They weld up the sheet metal for their cabs, and a few might fabricate their own frames, but that’s about where the difference ends.

Regardless where you purchase your apparatus, you will typically see mixed components from different third party suppliers including:

  • Engines from Cummins, Transmissions from Allison;
  • Steer and Drive Axles from: Meritor or Eaton;
  • Suspension systems from: Reyco, Ridewell, Neway, Hendrickson, or Raydan;
  • Brake Components from: Bendix or Meritor;
  • Seats and Interior components from: 911, Bostrom, or Flamefighter;
  • And countless other components from various suppliers.

At the Melton Fire Group, we pride ourselves on being the first and only call if you need service. No need to deal with any manufacturer, we do the leg work for you.

MFG and Toyne Fire provide “Sole Source” warranty for our customers. Which means the customer only needs to call MFG or Toyne for any warranty or service requirement. MFG/Toyne Fire believes in assuring that all Toyne apparatus remain in service at all times. If a Toyne unit is out of service our goal is to get it back in service immediately.