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Get a look inside Toyne’s Iowa manufacturing facility, where workers build custom apparatus for fire departments across the United States and Canada.

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Why Buy Toyne

Purchasing a piece of fire apparatus is an extremely complex undertaking. Not only are department officials responsible for spending the taxpayer’s money wisely, but they also want to be confident that the apparatus they buy is designed and engineered for its intended mission. It should be built with heavy-duty components and assembled with careful and exacting craftsmanship. Unfortunately, in the apparatus market, there are many manufacturers who insist on compromises. They want you to take what they build and make it work rather than building a truck designed for your specific needs. They focus strictly on price rather than function.

The following pages will illustrate the features and benefits of Toyne as the right choice for your next apparatus. Highlights of these include:

  • Company Background
  • Product Line-up
  • Body Construction Features
  • Pump and Plumbing
  • Electrical System

Toyne, Inc., is a family owned, American owned company that has been building fire apparatus bodies since 1942 to meet the demanding needs of the fire service. There are many reasons why Toyne is selected as the overwhelming choice of departments wanting to exit from the “cookie cutter” “low dollar” apparatus market. Toyne is recognized as a company with a long and successful record of building “Toyne Tailored” custom-crafted apparatus to meet the needs of the fire service. Toyne builds a high-quality apparatus at an affordable price.

After reviewing this information, we think you will find that while Toyne is not always the least expensive apparatus, it is the best value for your dollar. Low bid is not always best bid. Cost of ownership should be factored into the purchasing decision.

State of the Art Laser

State of the Art Laser

Your Toyne purchasing process will begin with your Toyne sales professional matching your needs with the proper chassis and body. That information is entered into the sales quotation system and then passed on to engineering from the sales department. Engineering evaluates the data to make sure that everything in the quote will work. From here your quote becomes a sales drawing which gives your apparatus a 2 D view showing exact detail of the apparatus. The latest in 3D CAD technology is utilized for accuracy, Once the unit becomes an order a full 3D library is generated of the body, pump house, and the electrical system. Nothing is left for “on the floor” engineering assuring a high level of fit and finish., Also, if the apparatus is involved in an accident, repair parts can be created as exact replacements for the damaged parts.

A state-of-the-art CNC laser is utilized to cut all of the parts that come from sheet stock.

Great care is taken to ensure that the proper dimensions and tolerances are met. Your apparatus is truly “Toyne Tailored” for your department. Add the state-of-the-art paint facility, superior plumbing and electrical layouts and more, your Toyne apparatus will stand head and shoulders above the competition. Toyne is focused on providing the most rugged and cost-effective custom-built apparatus on the market.

Paint Facility
Paint Facility
Engineering Department
Engineering Department

It is important to look beyond the shiny paint and tread plate when selecting the builder of your next apparatus. Some questions that you need answered would be:

  • How long have they been in business under the present ownership?
  • How satisfied are the present customers and how many are repeat customers?
  • Does the sales person focus only on price and not about quality or meeting your needs?
  • Does the manufacturer build custom units or only push their “standard production” layouts?

All apparatus builders have the capability of building any type of truck out of any available metal. It really boils down to a matter of choice. Toyne has chosen to focus on the 304-L and 3CR12 stainless-steel materials for strength and durability.

At Toyne we offer the following product lines:

  • Pumpers (custom and pre-engineered) in mid-ship, rear mount, and limited front mount pumps.
  • Rescue Pumpers including the PRV with full depth, full height compartments and upper coffin compartment storage.
  • “City” style Pumpers with lower hose beds and other features to meet the urban needs.
  • Mini-Pumpers built on the Ford F550 chassis w/split shaft 1,250 GPM pumps for quick attack applications.
  • Tender/Tankers with engine driven, PTO driven, split shaft driven pumps or no pump at all.
  • Spartan LTC aerials in rear mount 75’ straight stick, rear mount 110’ straight stick, and Spartan SM 100’ rear mount and 100’ mid mount platforms.


The apparatus body is only going to be as strong as the sub-frame. Toyne utilizes a minimum 36.000 PSI structural steel sub-frame and tank cradle that is produced for each customer truck as the standard sub-frame. Once finished the complete system is sent to a galvanizer for the “hot dipped” galvanizing process. This galvanizing protects the steel that will be under the truck from the corrosives encountered from today’s roads. Unlike painting which is just a surface coating, the galvanizing bonds with the metal which insures protection for years to come.

An optional sub-frame of 304L stainless steel is also available. Both the “hot dipped” and stainless-steel sub-frames carry a 20-year corrosion perforation and a 20-year structural warranty.


Stainless Steel Bodies

Toyne offers bolted/brushed and welded 304 stainless-steel bodies. The bolted/brushed is by far the most popular due to its ease of maintenance and the ease of repair if the unit is wrecked. Utilizing coated stainless-steel fasteners with aircraft style lock nuts, the Toyne body does not require any special tools for maintenance and repair. All fasteners are torque set to the proper torque during assembly. All surfaces that are not painted on the bolted/brushed units are a #4 brushed finish. The welded units are finish painted inside and out with finish options of spatter paint or bed liner material. Regardless of the chosen construction method, the Toyne stainless steel bodies are proven as rugged and dependable.


Utility Stainless Steel Bodies

Toyne also offers a 3CR12 utility stainless-steel in a welded body format. The 3CR12 utility stainless-steel is a proprietary product of Columbus Steel and is used by several fire apparatus manufacturers for both apparatus body and cab manufacturing. This steel has a higher carbon content than the 304L (a magnet will stick) but offers great strength and durability as a product and is easy to work. This welded body is fully finish painted. The 3CR12 utility stainless-steel is a great choice for those who want the advantages of welded stainless.


All Toyne bodies have a robust 1,000-pound distributed load rating per compartment. This is the strongest standard rating in the industry! Why settle for less?

All Toyne bodies are fully assembled including doors (except roll-ups) and tread plate caps, and then the bolt-on items are removed before going to paint. The more that can be done to aid in corrosion protection the better off you are in the long run. Do you want a freshly drilled hole(s) with no corrosion protection on your fire apparatus body?

Customization is a specialty at Toyne. Shelves, trays, Pac Trac, reels, scene lighting, breathing air systems, etc., are all a part of your job. Toyne has the unmatched experience and ability to lay out and build the apparatus body to meet your needs.


Toyne offers a complete line up of fire pumps for its customers. Hale, Waterous, and Darley are all options when choosing the right pump for your department. PTO, engine driven, and split shaft options are all available. Don’t be forced intoa private labeled pump which will result in much higher costs of maintenance and only one place to purchase parts. Choose a reliable Hale, Waterous, or Darley pump from Toyne.





The initial phase of laying out your apparatus is to lay out the pump house on the 3D CAD system. This eliminates on the floor “engineering” and insures that your pump and plumbing function to their peak performance. Toyne utilizes schedule 40 stainless steel manifolds where needed. In other areas a 1,200 PSI stainless steel reinforced flex line is utilized. Friction loss is our enemy and we minimize that as much as possible. All Toyne stainless steel manifolds carry a full 10-year warranty.



Pump House

All Toyne pump houses are manufactured in house out of 304 stainless steel for strength and durability. The pump is mounted on a “Hyper Flex” mounting system to allow the pump and module to flex and not bind up the chassis or fracture the pump house. The panels are standard 304 stainless steel in a #4 brushed finish with options for black vinyl clad aluminum or bed liner sprayed on stainless. The pump house has unmatched accessibility on the passenger side with a full lift up door and an easily removable lower panel (both sides on a top mount). The gauge panel is hinged for easy access. Maintenance and repair are a reality and there is no need in making these tasks more difficult than they already are.

Side Mount
Enclosed Side Mount
Top Mount
Electronic PRV Slide Out Panel
Electronic PRV Slide Out Panel

Toyne utilizes the Akron/Weldon V-MUX multiplex system and has for over twenty years. The V-MUX is robust and very easy to operate and diagnose. It is a peer to peer system which ensures that your truck will still function if one node goes bad. The master/slave systems typically shut the entire truck down. The system “talks” to you via a two-line VFD display or the VISTA screen. The VISTA screen incorporates switches and an LCD display which can be integrated to show items like back up camera video, etc. On the Spartan custom chassis, the system is fully integrated into the chassis as Spartan sets up the chassis per your and Toyne’s needs. The standard V-MUX system eliminates about 700 pounds of wire from your apparatus as well. It also is self-diagnostic and is very user friendly to operate and to expand in the future as more electrical items are added to the apparatus.

Image from Akron/Weldon

The wiring harnesses are custom made per truck. There are no “spare” wires just lying around. This ensures that your apparatus, even a pre-engineered apparatus, is custom built for your department. Weather resistant Deutsch aircraft style connectors are used in areas that could be exposed to water.

The entire electrical system is provided in an “as built” drawing on the delivery CD. This enables your technician to see exactly how the system was built making diagnosis and repair much easier when needed.

All Toyne, Inc. fire apparatus go through two final tests. Toyne performs a full test and then U.L. performs the separate final test on the apparatus to include all N.F.P.A. required items and paperwork.

In summary, Toyne brings to you the highest quality apparatus with more selections than most of our competition. The single point of contact that you need for purchase and afterwards is Toyne and/or your authorized Toyne dealer. Your department and Toyne are truly a winning combination!